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Hello! We are the Ned, and we means you too. 

4 Michelle! 

Recently Trace George's (guitar/vocals) mother was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer. On the day of the parade band members and Ned Heads got their heads shaved.

The annual Flagler Beach Christmas Parade! 

This Saturday past ( December 5th, 2015) We built a stage on a float for the annual Christmas parade and boy oh boy was it a hoot!

After the parade we pulled our stage into the parking lot of the Flagler Beach Board Shack and played a concert with two local supporters, Light Pollution, and Handsome Grandson.

Ned Heads are everywhere! 

Last Saturday The Ned performed at the DeLandapalooza Original Music Festival with over 150 bands. During our second show of the night we were filmed playing a cover of Nirvana's, Tourettes, entirely captured by a Ned Head from the crowd, find it on his youtube page or ours and 'like' him on Facebook!


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...great classic punk sound. The vocals are straight out of the golden age of punk. Has the lyrical nonsense a classic punk song requires and a heavy gritty tone and recording...prime moshing music... This just kicks a$$ on all fronts.”

— ReverbNation Crowd Review "JunkMail"

This song made me happy. I don't know why... it just made me wanna get up and dance... this is something I'd go to a concert to see.”

— ReverbNation Crowd Review "JunkMail"

This song is high-school garage band at its best. You can almost taste the over use of axe-body spray and cheap cigs. Takes me back.”

— ReverbNation Crowd Review "Bus"

Punk-ish type sound with a bit of a nod to the Ramones ...This tune you could play at your city punk bar with pride and drink a pabst blue ribbon.”

— ReverbNation Crowd Review "Bus"

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