Our Story

We are The Ned, a rugrat punk band from Palm Coast, FL. Our genre is an original blend of all walks of punk called Rugrat because it's everything swept under the rug. Since 2011 we have released EP's, albums, multiple singles, and music videos and have performed dozens of venues both regional and national. Radio personality, Tank from X1029, a Jacksonville FM station once said "Loving the album [NICE]. I broke a lamp."

In 2010 five best friends were hanging out playing the rock band video game and the power went out, so we picked up a few instruments from our drummers dad's music room and decided that it was time to learn how to actually play and form a band. Five years later and a few name changes The Ned has become what it is today, a Do It Yourself collection of artists all based around the band and it's fun loving free spirited vibe. 

The Ned stray from the typical cookie-cutter style of today's indie artists with incredibly original music, terrifyingly energetic and hilarious live performances, as well as a strong We Don't Give A F*** attitude. Every show you can expect really poor puns and anti-jokes from Joe Gardella as well as many loving and creepy smiles from Trace George as he gyrates soulful guitar melodies out of his crotch and lyrics from his heart.

The Ned is not just a band, it's the Ned Head Nation, a conglomeration of DIY loving punks and artists who just want to share the music.

This is where you come in. The Ned Heads, our entire generation can be found on the internet so we're counting on you to like, follow, tweet and retweet. 

Ned Out.